Investing, sad death, your brain on diabetes and more

With the rise of incidence of diabetes, the disease becomes a good investment

The writer is a big fan of Dexcom, which in May was trading at $29.68, and was at $62.68 on Friday. He’s also hot on Assante.

“The company, Asante Solutions (Nasdaq: PUMP , not yet trading) , has created a game-changing medical device in the diabetes space. It’s an insulin pump, which hits pretty close to home, because I use one.”

— From

Sad one: Diabetic teen dies despite multiple warnings to Children Services

Franklin County [Ohio] Coroner Anahi Ortiz said the teen’s death on Dec. 1 was the result of diabetic ketoacidosis, a complication that can be caused by insufficient insulin or not enough food. Though the cause is considered to be natural, Columbus police said this week they are looking into the circumstances surrounding Samauri’s death.

— From the Columbus Dispatch

Diabetes and your brain

A Canadian researcher has published a paper that links impaired brain function with Type 2 diabetes. A number of lesser news organizations have picked up on the story. I haven’t found it online mentioned by a major news organization. Here’s a link to the press released issued by the University of Waterloo. The release includes this link to the paper, in Psychosomatic Medicine (paywall).

Engineered insulin could offer better diabetes control

Researchers alter an insulin molecule, and in tests with mice, it responded to blood glucose changes over 10 hours. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology reports: “The MIT team set out to create a new form of insulin that would not only circulate for a long time, but would be activated only when needed — that is, when blood-sugar levels are too high.”

— From an MIT release

Company passes patent test covering glyceollins in diabetes treatment

MicroBiome Therapeutics LLC — based in Boulder, Colo., and New Orleans — is examining how glyceollins can be used in diabetes and obesity. Glyceollins come from soybeans and have been shown they can suppress some cancers.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has given MicroBiome a “notice of allowance” meaning the project has survived the opposition period before finalization.

— From Healio




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