Parents file complaint over standardized diabetes treatment plan

Two Canadian families have filed a human-rights complaint over the standardized treatment plan for their diabetic children in their British Columbia school.

From The Province website:

Guilly Milburn, whose six-year-old diabetic daughter attends Grade 1 in New Westminster, said she was forced to sign on to a plan she disagreed with, and her daughter paid the price.

“When I went to pick her up after school, she was pale, shaking, and crying,” said Milburn, referring to her condition as a ‘serious hypoglycemic episode.’

The story quotes Health Minister Terry Lake saying the province created the standardized approach to give each diabetic child safe care. Although Lake said individual arrangements are possible, parents “cannot direct school staff on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis.” T1 children are tested at recess, lunch, two hours after lunch, before physical activity and any time a student has symptoms, he said.

On paper, the plan might not be unreasonable, but if my kid had one bad day, I’d be screaming bloody murder, too.


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