Statins linked to Type 2 diabetes

News sites have been swarming over this news, that a Finnish study has linked cholesterol-lowering statins with an increase risk of Type 2 diabetes,

Here’s the WebMD story. Here’s the Time story.

The Monthly Prescribing Reference noted this:

Digging a little deeper, the investigators found that statins decreased insulin sensitivity by 24%, and insulin secretion by 12%. The more simvastatin and atorvastatin that people took, the more their ability to use and produce insulin suffered. High-dose simvastatin was associated with a 44% increased risk of developing diabetes, while for low-dose simvastatin the increased risk was 28%. High-dose atorvastatin was linked to a 37% increased diabetes risk.

I’ve been on simvastatin for years, even though my cholesterol numbers are pretty good. My GP wants my cholesterol lower. He also told me about a study that showed patients on statins had better health outcomes than people with naturally low cholesterol.


3 thoughts on “Statins linked to Type 2 diabetes

  1. I will never take statins. There are so many simple healthy approached to lowering cholesterol and the funny thing is as of recent they are not even looking at the total cholesterol numbers, just the difference between good cholesterol and bad cholesterol. You body produces 80% of the cholesterol in your body. The foods you eat only make up 20%. If you want to learn the real truth behind this subject read Cholesterol Clarity by Jimmy Moore. You won’t believe what you read.


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