New Apple framework can collect diabetes data

From my friend Whitney who watched today’s Apple presentation:

Apple released a new open source medical project today designed to empower patients to send easy, accurate data for diabetes, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular disease and asthma research.

Available as of Apple’s Spring Forward Watch event, ResearchKit is a software framework created to solve communication and data frequency issues in medical research. The project, created with the help of over a dozen notable institutions, University of Oxford, Penn Medicine and Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center among them, allows patients to participate in medical tests using their iPhones. The hope is more patients will participate in research if they don’t need to visit a doctor’s office on a regular basis.

ResearchKit’s open source model permits the health community to develop additional tests and data-gathering methods, improve on Apple’s foundation, and fine-tune apps to patient needs. 

Apple promised not to collect medical data gathered by the ResearchKit. So that’s one privacy concern down.

Come back for updates.


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