Ban the cupcakes!

Boston pediatrician Claire McCarthy used to think that schools that banned cupcakes went too far. Nothing wrong with occasional sweets, she believed, so long as the rest of your diet was healthy. She’s come around

Now, I get that banning sweets from school parties or fundraisers or whatever isn’t going to make all parents feed their children healthy foods and thereby end childhood obesity. But it does force families to think together about alternatives — and gives kids a chance to eat healthy foods with their friends, which sometimes is exactly what’s needed to break through the resistance. And when kids bring in non-food treats like those tattoos, it reinforces the idea that celebrations don’t always have to include food (so un-American, but true).

My children are grown; it’s not my problem. But I think kids get enough junk food. Giving them one less opportunity — or several considering every student has a birthday — won’t deprive them.

From the blog, a great resource to learn about what doctors are thinking.


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