Treating ‘all this other stuff’

Here’s a story that’s only tangentially related to diabetes. It’s from the Minneapolis Star Tribune describing the Essentia Institute of Rural Health. Part of the story talks about a young boy whose diabetes was worsening.

The specialist was a two-hour drive away, and his mother lacked financial and cooking skills. Essentia got the mom counseling and arranged telemedicine consults with a diabetes clinic.

Said Dr. Joe Bianco, who oversees Essentia’s primary care practice”

“We treated his blood sugars not with medicines — we treated them by dealing with all of this other stuff.”

If you have any interest in rural communities, the Affordable Care Act or even health care in general, the story is worth a read. Think about how Essentia solved the problems surrounding this boy’s worsening condition and ponder what our communities ought to be doing.

I doubt anyone reading this has any doubt of the crisis facing us concerning diabetes or obesity. Maybe some intervenor — a doctor, an insurance company, someone — also should be thinking about treating “all of this other stuff.”


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